Why buy thedraftparty Board?


Reusability: Not only is the Draft Party board reusable, but the player and team labels are as well, because they are magnets!  This means you can use this product an unlimited number of times, over many years, for a multitude of sports.  Other sites may offer a reusable board, but this is simply a laminated sheet of paper, with sticker labels.  Imagine the painstaking process of removing the stickers, and then reusing them.  Don't get us wrong, paper plays a role in our manufacturing process as well, we use it as a packaging material to wrap our boards in.


Portability: Your new Draft Party board will arrive neatly packed in a double-walled telescopic drafting tube. Once you have finished your draft, you can simply roll the board back up and put it back in your storage tube.  It's now ready to take to your next draft.


Magnetic: Did we mention that the kit is magnetic?  Although the board itself is not magnetic, it's a magnetic receptive material which will hold all the magnetic team and player labels.  This not only prevents issues of errant sticker placement, but also allows you to clean up after your shaky handed friends who never seem to be able to place their labels on straight.


Erasability: Along with your board you will receive a wet erase/washable marker which can be used to write on both the board itself and the team magnets (football only).  The ink wipes off by simply using a damp cloth.  So if you choose not to purchase player magnets every season, you still have a board and team magnets that you can use year after year by simply writing in your team names and draft picks. 


Player Strips: You will also receive player strips (not provided by anyone else), which will allow you to organize players based on the ranking that are suited to your league.  This provides visibilty to available players, eliminating the dreaded "Is Roddy White still available?" question.  It also lets everyone easily see how many players have been selected from each position.


Personalization: Now that you have purchased the best fantasy draft board available, make it your own.  Use your creativity to develop a personalized Team Magnet that best represents who you are.  All members of your league can individually create their own shield through the site.  And for those who don't, we have provided generic shields that they can use during the draft.


Drafting live is way more fun than online: If you are gonna spend 3 hours in front of a computer doing your draft then you might as well be at work.  As far as we are concerned, draft day should be a national holiday.  Lets be honest, trash talking is way more fun live.  SO DON'T JUST HAVE A DRAFT, THROW A DRAFT PARTY.